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Amy and Mike met in the mid 1980's when they both worked for Fannie Mae. Amy was hired as an assistant to Mike's supervisor and after a whirlwind romance, they were married. Shortly thereafter, Amy began selling real estate.  

Mike joined Amy as an agent in 1994 and they have been working together ever since. Mike's 15 years in the mortgage finance business, coupled with Amy's 22 years of real estate sales experience, provides a potent combination of organizational capability, technical knowledge and sales skills which has served them well. 

One of their early real estate (ad)ventures involved their purchase of a Civil War era farmhouse in Silver Spring, Maryland. The house was in dire need of repair and had not been lived in for several years. They spent the better part of a year to make it "livable" before they moved in.  It helped that Mike has also built custom homes. He and Amy performed most of the work themselves and they have expanded and improved the property through the years. They remain there today. 

Mike and Amy have two sons, John and Sam.  As the boys were growing up, Mike coached many of their basketball and baseball teams. They also enjoy annual ski trips and beach vacations together. Amy indicated, "One of the benefits of working together in real estate has been the ability to spend plenty of time with our family." 

Amy is an avid tennis player and Mike enjoys golf when time permits. As with most real estate couples, their conversation rarely wanders too far from the "business". Fortunately, they both enjoy the daily challenges of running a business and the ever changing real estate market.  

Having spent nearly 23 years together in business, the recent travails of the finance and real estate markets haven't discouraged Amy and Mike. They opened their own brokerage, King Real Estate, Inc., in 2008, just in time for the near collapse of the financial industry. "We view this as an opportunity" states Mike. "Most of our business is repeat, referral or web generated and these sources of business have served us well. We expect to thrive regardless of market conditions." 

Amy is optimistic as well. "I am proud to say that we've met the challenges of a changing market. There are always opportunities for companies that consistently provide good service. This is a great market to sell real estate. I feel very good about our prospects. We are here when you need real estate help. "It's your move!" 

We are located at 15308 Morningmist Ln, Silver Spring, MD 20906.

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Amy & Mike King
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