Fresh and Clean!

When we first meet with potential sellers, they want to know what they can do to their homes to get the most money in the least amount of time.  Our answer is always "fresh and clean".  Even though your carpeting may look great to you, and have just a few stains, to buyers it's old carpeting with other people's dirt in it!  You may think your pink walls are beautiful and don't have too many marks on them, but buyers want walls that have fresh, neutral paint.  The buyers today need to move their belongings in, and get back to work/school/life.  They don't have the time or money to spend fixing up the home before they move in, and they are willing to pay more for the home that is ready to go.

We usually don't advise that you completely remodel your kitchen and baths (the most important rooms in your home when you go to sell), but that you freshen them up.  We may suggest new flooring, or new fixtures if they're rusted/broken/very outdated.  In the kitchen, you might have older appliances, but with a good scrubbing they may look fine.

Hiring a professional cleaning crew goes a long way in the inside and the outside of your home.