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Property Management

King Real Estate has managed residential properties since our inception in 2008. We offer these services to investor clients and owners seeking comprehensive and high quality management services for residential properties in Montgomery County and parts of Howard and Prince Georges Counties.

Our philosophy for managing properties is consistent with our corporate mission of providing superior real estate services to every customer and business with whom we interact. We meet with property owners to determine their motivation for renting a home or their goals for an investment property they are considering for purchase. We analyze market data and provide realistic return on investment estimates. If our customer already owns the property, we tour the home to identify ways to maximize the appeal of the home to renters and strategize cost effective improvements that will attract quality renters and provide the best return for the owners.

Property Management is more than collecting rent and paying the owners each month. We believe success in owning and managing rental properties is achieved by paying attention to the details in every aspect of the property management process. From preparing properties for the rental market, to securing reliable tenants, to ensuring the properties meet the local rental guidelines and maintaining our rental properties in top condition, King Real Estate provides the expertise necessary to make owning an investment property simple and lucrative. Our rates are negotiable and we have a long list of customers who will vouch for our performance. Contact us anytime to discuss your options.